Raika Oda (織田 莱香 Oda Raika) is a second year student of Tama University School of Literature. She is the only female member in the Street Observation Research Society and a good friend of Yuuta Segawa.


Raika has long and wavy purple hair with bangs framing her face and red eyes. she is of average height and her most distinctive feature are her large breast and usually wears outfits that show lots of cleavage. Many men are infatuated by her beauty.


At the beginning, Raika does not reveal her emotions easily and dislikes talking, with the exception of Yuuta. She does love cute things (especially Hina), upon encountering one, she will start making strange squeaks and changes into a different person. She thinks Sora is cute and beats up Shuntarou when he comments that she is a "grandma". She can be very strict with Shuntarou, usually hitting him with a harisen (a giant paper fan). Raika is also very good cook, particularly in Japanese cuisine.